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HEXA BLAST in an enjoyable geometric game where the hexagons are your
worst enemies.

Using only a tiny ball and your spatial ability you should destroy waves
of colorful figures to prevent them reaching the bottom of the screen.


* Hexagons will appear, each one with a number indicating the amount of
hits it needs to be BLASTED.
* Throw the ball so it bounces the most to destroy as many hexagons as
possible in a turn.
* But don't get so confident! One bad throw could mean your DOOM and the
end of the game.
* No time limits.

Because of its minimalist style, HEXA BLAST doesn't take a lot of memory
space in your device, so you can play it anywhere.
Besides its easy to play, fast, counts with colorful graphics,
astonishing sound effects and an interesting challenge to your skill, so
you can kill time in an entertaining and defiant way.

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